5 Need to Know Beard Grooming Tips

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Whether you’re new to growing and maintaining a beard or you’ve been growing a beard for years and feel it needs a new regime, a few helpful tips on grooming can often help to improve the overall appearance and cleanliness of your facial hair. So follow these 5 tips and which will leave your beard looking and feeling great.

1. Choose your style

If you are just starting out with a beard then make sure you do some research and have a style in mind when you start growing as this will dictate how you care for your beard and how much maintenance it will require.

2. Invest in a beard comb or brush

Like the hair on your head, your beard needs brushing if you want to prevent it from becoming tangled and going wild. Invest in a good beard comb or brush, it will last you a long time and you will quickly see the benefits.

beard comb
A little comb goes a long way

3. Beard oil is a must

The first time beard oil was suggested to me I was dubious, but after I had a free sample applied to my beard and face I never looked back. Not only does a few drops of beard oil leave your beard smelling great, it also softens your usually bristly facial hair and hydrates your skin underneath. I would recommend choosing a low priced beard oil as they are relatively inexpensive to make and they all pretty much do the same thing.

beard oil
You only need a couple of drops a day

4. Shampoo and condition

As with brushing, a lot of people forget to treat their beard like their hair, they both need to be shampoo’d and conditioned to stay clean, prevent greasiness and it helps to soften your hair.

5. Trim

Even when trying to grow a large beard, you need to keep your facial hair maintained and healthy. As a minimum trimming around the mouth and neck are vital in growing a successful beard. I also regularly look out for stray hairs and ensure there isn’t areas that are growing unevenly.

man trimming beard
Look out for stay hairs to keep your beard neat

These are our top 5 tips on beard grooming, but if you have your own routines and tips on how to maintain your beard, then please let us know.

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